Oprah’s Spiritual Mentor to Teach in Australia

On July 1, 2015 by Helen Nolan


Best-selling author and American spiritual teacher, Marianne Williamson, is coming to Australia this June/ July to conduct special one-day workshops exploring the deep connection between our relationships and our spirituality. The #1 New York Times best-selling author has been a pioneer of the spiritual movement for more than thirty years, influencing millions of people around the world to lead ‘happier and more fulfilled lives’.

‘Spiritual’ is a term that is bandied about a lot these days as many psychotherapies and methods often neglect the spiritual potential that can underpin and influence our relationships. But spirituality has its place and can offer a different kind of energy and enlightenment in a fast paced, technologically-driven and often selfish world. Author, John Amodeo, in the Huffington Post, offers three descriptions of what spirituality means to him.

  1. Connecting with life’s sacredness
  2. Surrendering to something beyond our limited self
  3. Seeing things clearly

Like Amodeo, the personable Williamson believes that spirituality is about connecting with life rather than being detached from it. She holds that we are all interconnected; all our minds are joined. There is a pivotal focus on relationships, particularly forgiveness, through mindfulness (vissapana) – seeing others as they really are. Seeing their fears and hurt, as well as their hopes.

Having published 10 books and appeared as a special guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live and Good Morning America (amongst others). American-born Williamson was named one of the fifty most influential baby boomers in 2006 and is well-versed in delivering relatable content and teaching tools designed to lift your life and relationships to the ‘highest level of creative possibility’. The workshops include a series of teaching sessions, exercises and insights designed to encourage emotional growth and maturity. Her teachings are based on a set of books called ‘A Course in Miracles’, a self-study program based on universal spiritual themes by clinical and research psychologist and author, Helen Schucman.

Marianne Williamson will be conducting workshops in Brisbane (June 28), Melbourne (July 4) and Sydney (July 5). Course costs are between $185-$200 with the option of a ‘kindness scholarship’ for people who are financially challenged.

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