Mark Hanham Gallery’s Exhibition Face Value Explores Commodities and How We Value Our Faces

On June 3, 2015 by Greta

markhanham_artgalleryThe Mark Hanham Gallery is located on Crown Street in Surry Hills. It is a solo artist gallery, which means it only exhibits the work of the contemporary artist, Mark Hanham. We spoke exclusively with the gallery manager, Danielle Gilbert about their new exhibition, Face Value.

Ms Gilbert says Mark Hanham’s work is very distinct and diverse, and his most recent exhibition featuring 24 pop-art inspired portraitures is no exception.

audreyhepburn markhanhamHis work has very distinctive, iconic elements so that when you look at it you instantly recognise that it is Mark Hanham. You can see by the way that he drops the paint, the way he creates the image and his inspiration behind it. He’s very observant of the human condition, how we are in society. His cityscapes represent the hustle and bustle of the city, where as the pop art has that same sort of vision where he’s looking at faces as periods of time or how people connect an image or a face with a time in their lives.

“[In Face Value] he’s looking at commodities and how we value our faces and looking at that with pop art as a product as well. There’s lots of Marilyn Monroe’s, Audrey Hepburn’s, Charlie Chaplin’s, Elvis and Jimmy Hendrix; quite a few icons that the audience can relate to, so there’s something for everyone.”

Jessica Gilbert believes that being a contemporary artist in the modern age means being in tune with what’s happening around you as well as what’s happening worldwide.

“Mark’s work does very well internationally so as a contemporary artist his vision is looking beyond what’s happening in Sydney or Australia and looking at how the world is moving – in America, Paris or London. Each environment and each country are each in a different style of his work. So as a contemporary artist he’s constantly looking for new inspiration and changing up his collection of work.

“Whether he’s looking at a European, US or Australian market, it’s looking for those different things that those people can connect with.”

Marilyn_Monroe markhanhamMark has a very unique style of painting that he has built up across his entire career. He started up as quite an abstract painter then moved to a more linear, illustrative style. He is an action painter, so features a unique drip style action. He uses a monotone palate with lots of black, white, red and blue, and repeatedly uses a coke symbol as a common thread across his exhibitions.

“You can recognise it as Mark Hanham’s palate and what he uses to brand his work,” said Jessica.

Mark is a prolific painter so is always creating new works for the gallery. Art enthusiasts can head in to the space every month or few weeks to experience something new. Next up that gallery will be reintroducing some of Mark Hanham’s Paris series.

Mark has done something very different with Face Value by going into portraiture, so the gallery is thrilled about the current exhibition and they believe it will be a very exciting experience for gallery-goers. This fun series of art is being showcased until 26th June, so be sure to head in to the gallery on Crown Street to witness the unique works for yourself.

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