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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

The latest round of ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ from the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show is out! The segment is as fantastic as it sounds, getting celebrities – old and new – to read the horrible things people write under the protection of social media. In this edition, we have George Clooney responding with a “F-ck you”, Jennifer Gardner being compared to a duck’s vagina, love sparked between Sarah Silverman and a fan and Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) being a dickhead – all accompanied by deep and meaningful sad music, which juxtaposes nicely with uncontrollable laughter.

Justin Bieber at the drive through

In this video, Justin Bieber plays some pranks while getting fast food. I think that fame may have dulled his sense of humour, because they aren’t all that funny. Still, it’s worth a watch, if only to laugh at Justin – not with him.


Kids being cute

In the immortal words of Patty Bouvier, ‘the older they get, the cuter they ain’t’. That’s why the internet is abound with tiny children doing adorable things, and this video is no exception. Click below to watch mischievous toddlers climbing, falling, laughing, crying and everything in between.

Baby laughing

Is there anything more uplifting than the sound of a baby laughing uproariously? This little boy has a seemingly limitless supply of laughter, and doesn’t mind hearing the same joke twice. If only we were all so easily entertained.

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