Political Impersonator

On August 19, 2013 by Greta

At a dinner over the weekend, I was confused and sceptical when the MC unexpectedly announced that our very own honourable Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, would be gracing our humble audience with his mighty presence. The Australian Anthem blared and lo and behold, the doors did swing open to reveal a man of Kev’s stature, age, rimmed spectacles and grey slicked back side part. However, upon closer inspection I realised that this man was indeed not the leader of our country, but a political impersonator.

Being a political impersonator is a fine art, which involves much more than simply being able to exactly emulate the lisps, cadences and lilts of a politician’s voice. And it’s not even just copying their mannerisms, wide-mouthed cackle or precise walking style. It also requires a very witty individual who has a strong understanding of politics, keeps up to date with current affairs and who has a strong personality and great stage presence. The combination of these attributes results in an incredibly entertaining performance filled with all the politically incorrectness that is
just oh so right.

Our acclaimed guest over the weekend, Anthony Ackroyd had all these elements in his impersonation of Kevin Rudd to produce the whole range of laughs from the cheeky snigger to the uproarious guffaw. His witty speech included images of Peter Slipper going for the wrong kind of man-date, Rudd realising after a trip to a strip club that poles do matter and a rather twisted rendition of John Paul Young’s classic, Rudd is in the Air (complete with hip-thrusting and spirit fingers).

This hilarious and thought-provoking experience made me realise the skill involved in being a successful political impersonator. Ackroyd has perfected the fine balance between insulting comments, comedic antics and appreciation for the PM. Yet even more impressive, is the fact that he can also impersonate Tony Abbott’s budgee smuggling personality and is even learning to do Malcolm Turnbull. Other popular Rudd impersonators are Melbourne Gold 104.3FM’s Ben Price, who gives daily doses of Rudd’s rants, as well as the esteemed Paul McCarthy’s speeches and television appearances.

Watching political impersonators is not only a must-see because of the hilarious banter but also because you will actually learn a lot about a politician’s flaws or policies. The insults are often granted, the mannerisms exposures of their political facade and the jokes revealing of their questionable ideals. So in the next few weeks before you must help decide the fate of our nation, why not witness a political impersonator insulting and imitating one of our future PM’s to see what would really be in store for the next three years?

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